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There are infinite possibilities when considering voice and performing. So many times we as singers are inhibited by anxieties and fears that spring from unhealthy competition, inadvertently cultivated and subconscious bad habits, a tunneled way of thinking due to ones demographic or upbringing and a treacherous popular culture that feeds propaganda that makes us feel inferior to each other. Adventure Voice is here to assist in educating vocalists physiologically, biologically and "soulistically". Our effort is always to enter into the mind and heart of the student and recognize every potential; raising their personal standard and completely ridding them of vocal limitations. We take pride in sparking the imagination to begin that adventurous journey; finding each students best voice. 

With a powerful team of instructors, we provide artist development and sonic style coaching. One of the goals of AV is to eliminate fear, anxiety and most of all, lack of preparation. Our diverse teaching styles, ranging from vastly different professional backgrounds are joined together to provide each student with a dynamic scope of learning possibility. As an alternative and added bonus to private lessons, group and ensemble classes are a source of community training that keeps students accountable for each other, and provides a safe and fun learning environment, offering performance opportunities, recitals, showcases, class concerts and more. 



Adventure Voice is founded by Aaron Marcellus. 

"Keeping the imagination in melodies and the Adventure in music”
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